Senior Level - Computational Enzyme Engineering

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Zymvol Biomodeling is a biotech company specialized in the discovery and development of new industrial enzymes through computer simulations.

We have developed proprietary molecular modeling software that combines classical and quantum mechanics to custom-design enzymes for applications in chemical
synthesis or as products for food, animal feed or agricultural ingredients.

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated individual for a full-time position in Barcelona as Senior Level - Computational Enzyme Engineer. The selected candidate is expected to play an important part in Zymvol’s team and should be available in January/February 2019.

What you can expect working at Zymvol

Environment – We’re a small but very motivated team. You’ll be working in a fast growing company with great potential to advance personally and professionally.
Attractive economic conditions – Compensation will depend on the previous experience but extremely competitive conditions are available as well as an attractive
incentive plan.

Required Qualifications

  • PhD. in Computational Chemistry/Physics/Biology.
  • Experience with Protein Engineering (preferred).
  • Experience with protein modeling and design software such as Rosetta,
  • Schrödinger, YASARA or MOE.
  • Scripting/programming skills (e.g. python, C++ etc. - essential)
  • Experience of machine learning and statistical modelling


This position will respond to the head of R&D but the person is expected to be able to work independently and manage the work of junior level employees. Responsibilities

  • Identify interesting target enzymes for engineering projects
  • In silico design (using Zymvol’s own software)
  • Communicate results to head of operations and prepare reports to be delivered to customers

If you are interested in this position, please write to us as: