Call for Participation SocialDisNER track: Detection of Disease Mentions in Social Media (SMM4H Shared Task at COLING2022)

Event start date
12-10-2022 09:00
Event end date
17-10-2022 17:00
SocialDisNER Task overview


CFP - SocialDisNER track: Detection of Disease Mentions in Social Media 

(SMM4H Shared Task  at COLING2022) 


Despite the high impact & practical relevance of detecting diseases automatically from social media for a diversity of applications, few manually annotated corpora generated by healthcare practitioners to train/evaluate advanced entity recognition tools are currently available.

Developing disease recognition tools for social media is critical for:

SocialDisNER is the first track focusing on the detection of disease mentions in tweets written in Spanish, with clear adaptation potential not only to English but also other romance languages like Portuguese, French or Italian spoken by over 900 million people worldwide.

For this track the SocialDisNER corpus was generated, a manual collection of tweets enriched for first-hand experiences by patients and their relatives as well as content generated by patient-associations (national, regional, local) as well as healthcare institutions covering all main diseases types including cancer, mental health, chronic and rare diseases among others. 




Publications and SMM4H (COLING 2022) workshop

Participating teams have the opportunity to submit a short system description paper for the SMM4H proceedings (7th SMM4H Workshop, co-located at COLING 2022). More details are available at

SocialDisNER Organizers

Scientific Committee & SMM4H Organizers