TransBioNet: A distributed bottom-up effort to organize bioinformatics activities around the Spanish National Health System


TransBioNet is the Translational Bioinformatics Network impulsed and coordinated by INB as a reference network of 25+ bioinformatics support units working at Health Research Institutes certified by the ISCIII, groups associated to health institutes not in the IIS and other groups or bioinformatics core facilities from biomedical research institutions.

The main purpose of TransBioNet is to create an expert forum where bioinformaticians working in healthcare can share best practices and working experiences, have early access to the latest technological developments and guidelines by international organizations and initiatives such as ELIXIR itself and GA4GH, and benefit from access to the computational infrastructures provided by the INB.

The INB coordination node in collaboration with the “translational bioinformatics” node impulses the network and provides logistic and/or economic support for activities (i.e. training) and the annual conference of the network. Given the collaborative and open nature of the TransBioNet network, it is open to the incorporation of other core bioinformatics units whenever they are ready to participate and contribute.