Instruct course on Image Processing for Electron Microscopy and hybrid modelling

Event start date
08-07-2019 14:00
Event end date
11-07-2019 13:00

Overall aims and course outline

Software platforms as Scipion facilitate the integration of packages from many different laboratories, and promote the cross-checking of the results by alternative methods. Additionally, it keeps track of all the operations, parameters and steps undertaken from the raw data to the final maps and models, promoting, in this way, the reproducibility of the results. Scipion was originally designed to support image processing operations in Single Particle Analysis. However, due to the widespread need to related quasi atomic Coulomb potential maps and model building, with an ever growing potential of simultaneously combining features of both, Sicipion is currently being extended into the atomic modelling domain. In this way it integrates software like Coot, Chimera, Refmac, and Phenix, and the number of integrated packages and procedures is quickly growing. In addition to simplifying the access to all these software packages in an integrated manner, Scipion adds a traceability and reproducibility layer so that any other researcher can understand the modelling workflow followed to reach a particular model.

The course is interesting for users to know the image processing and the atomic modelling capabilities of Scipion. This course will bring a timely introduction to these possibilities to investigators at all levels (Ph.D. students, postdocs and senior researchers). (Note: all practical work will be performed on Amazon cloud, and attendees are required to bring their own personal computer to access the cloud via a web browser).



Venue: National Center for Biotechnology (CNB), Madrid, Spain

Dates: July 8 – 11, 2019

The application period for this course will be open from 01 – 31 May, 2019.  We will contact you after June 1st if your application is accepted.

➡️ Course website with program, key dates and more information: Instruct course on Image Processing for Electron Microscopy and hybrid modelling


This course is funded by Instruct – ERIC, an Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure for Europe.