Technology platforms and big data applied to precision medicine - El Escorial, Spain

Event start date
23-06-2019 10:30
Event end date
27-06-2019 12:00
Cursos El Escorial 2019


The progress and development of biomedical research in the XXI century, depends in part on the access of research groups to sophisticated “omics” technologies, to a great number of high quality and annotated biological samples, and to bioinformatics resources to handle the information generated.In this context, the Biomolecular and Bioinformatics Resources Platform, PRB2 was created in 2014. The PRB2aims to provide the national R&D system and, specially, the national health system, with a technological platform pioneer in its field, both due to its cutting-edge infrastructure and to its national and international leadership.

The present course aims to capitalize the knowhow and sinergies among the five members of the platform (ProteoRed, CeGen, INB, BNADN and BNLC, with the collaboration of the Spanish Biobank Network) and explore along five days the main concepts of current proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics and biobanking.

This training activity is targeted at PhD and postdoc students involved in biomedical projects that require “omics” and bioinformatics technologies, at Resident Medical Interns and at university students connected to biomedicine.


Cursos de Verano - El Escorial

Course: Technology platforms and big data applied to precision medicine ("Plataformas tecnológicas y Big Data aplicados a la medicina de precisión")

Dates: 15-19 July, 2019

Venue: El Escorial, Madrid


Notice the genomics and bioinformatics component in the course schedule led by INB members on Tuesday, 16 July, 2019:

10.00 h. "Una perspectiva bioinformática de la medicina personalizada" by Alfonso Valencia. Director Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute (INB), Spanish Node of ELIXIR.

12.00 h. "Aplicaciones actuales y perspectivas de futuro de la medicina personalizada" by Joaquín Dopazo. Director of the Clinical Bioinformatics Area at Fundación Progreso y Salud (FPS).

16.00 h. Round table: "Bioinformática en la medicina de precisión y las necesidades de formación en bioinformática y biología computacional". Moderated by Alfonso Valencia. Participan: Fatima Al-Shahrour. Head of the Bioinformatics Unit at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO); Juan Cruz Cigudosa. Scientific director at NIMGenetics.