Biostatistics Technician at Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC)

The Methodology and Biostatics Unit of IMIBIC searches for a biostatistics technician in order to complement the team and services for methodology and statistics. The knowledge of the successful candidate will go beyond the proficiency in multivariate and multilevel analysis techniques and the analysis of common analytical needs for research. The vacancy is offered in the framework of a competitive call for incorporation of technical support staff for common service structures for research of the Andalusian Public Health System (personal técnico de apoyo a Estructuras Comunes de Apoyo a la Investigación (ECAI) del Sistema Sanitario Público de Andalucía), with the aim of fostering translational research.

Expected start date: February 2018

Working conditions:

Salary: 28.572,09 € Gross Annual (including 10% of variable retribution subject to evaluation of results). i.e. 2.097,62 € Gross/month + 10% variable retribution.

Workplace: Instituto Maimónides de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba (IMIBIC)

Number of open vacancies: 1

Type of the contract: Temporal

Form of employment: Full time

Duration of the contract: 24 months (*)

(*) The contract may be subject to extension depending on the needs and development of the project. The possibility to extend the duration of the contract will be communicated to the staff member well in advance.

Career development opportunities: The candidate will receive training related to the position offered.

Profile Requirements

Degree: Degree in Mathematics/Statistics or similar field.

Minimum requirements:

a) Degree in Mathematics, Statistics or similar field

b) At least 4 years of experience (accredited) in working in support service or similar for research community

Valued Merits:

a) Work experience in service of research community/activities, counted as of the end of the 4th year: 0.5 points for each year of experience, up to a maximum of 3 points.

The following type of experience will be taken into account:

- Proven experience in giving methodological support for the development of new research lines, project proposals and grant applications, project reports or in general for ongoing research projects.

- Proven experience of giving statistic support for the creation of data bases and for follow-up cohorts, or for the use of statistical techniques and tools for clinical-epidemiological research.

b) PhD: 1 point.

c) Scientific publications (JCR), up to a maximum of 2 points:

- First decile or first quartile and as first, corresponding or last autor, patents, or guides for clinical practice: 0.2 points for each publication.

- First decile or first quartile and not as first, corresponding or last autor: 0.1 points for each publication.

- Publications in other than first quartile journals, and as first, corresponding or last author: 0.05 point for each publication.

d) Stays abroad: Stays of between 3 and 6 months in organizations outside home country: 0.25 points for each individual stay, up to a maximum of 0.5 points.

e) Accredited level of English B2 or superior: 0.5 points.

Selection process

The selection process consists of evaluation, ranking of all CVs received and personal interviews. Following the evaluation of the merits of all applicants based on their CVs, the three (3) highest ranked applicants will be called for a personal interview in order to evaluate more precisely their skills, motivation and capabilities for the offered position. The personal interview counts up to maximum of 3 points. The final ranking will be obtained by summarizing the points of the evaluation of the CV and the interview. The highest ranked candidate will be selected.

In case the selected candidate rejects the job offer, the vacancy will be offered to the second highest ranked candidate, based on the publicly available list of the results of the selection process.

Main tasks

The successful candidate will form part of the Methodology and Biostatics Unit, which is one of the Biomedical Research Support Units of IMIBIC that give support to its researchers. The main tasks are to:

- Provide methodological support in the advanced design of clinical research projects.

- Prepare plans of statistical analysis and their modifications in clinical research projects.

- Carry out the maintenance of databases, and prepare database content for their analysis.

- Carry out statistical studies defined in each project, including the use of complex statistical techniques.

- Be member of teams/committees carrying out sustainability assessment of studies, and evaluation of data, security or intermediate analysis.

- Other functions in the field of methodology and biostatics, derived from the research work.

Requested documentation

- Curriculum Vitae

- Documentation accrediting the fulfilment of the minimum requirements

In order to properly assess the experience, it is necessary to indicate in the CV the duration in months of the previous working experience.

How to apply and application deadline

How to apply: Applications should be sent by email to It is obligatory to indicate the reference of the offer in the subject field of the email. Applications failing to do so will not be evaluated.

Application period: 16th Jan - 4th Feb 2018

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