Computational biology position at the Cancer Stem Cells & Metastasis Dynamics Lab

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Hospital del Mar Research Institute (IMIM)


A 3-year Computational Biology position in breast cancer metastasis research is available to start December 2023 at the Cancer Stem Cells & Metastasis Dynamics Lab, located at the Hospital del Mar Research Institute (IMIM). The project in which the candidate will be involved is: Phenotypic heterogeneity implication in breast cancer metastasis immunotherapy resistance.

The Cancer Stem Cells & Metastasis Dynamics Lab is focused on cell plasticity heterogeneity in breast cancer metastasis and immunotherapy research – from the basic/fundamental research to translational discoveries. Possibilities of academic and industry collaborations. 

The IMIM is located at the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona (PRBB), being part of a fantastic scientific community, offering a highly innovative and enriching training  environment for basic and translational research.


Requirements of the candidates

Candidates should have:

  • A master or PhD in bioinformatics
  • Experience in computational biology using large datasets
  • Experience in single cell RNA-seq


Also well valued:

  • Experience in other single cell multiomics
  • Integration of RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq data
  • Deconvolution analysis using bulk transcriptomis


How to apply

Please send your CV and motivation letter with the main reason to join the lab to: Dr. Celià-Terrassa

They will consider people who have all or some of the requirements listed above to exploit in integrative multidisciplinary metastasis research.

For more information and to submit your curriculum vitae, contact and



If you are interested, please send the application as soon as possible.

The deadline for the submission of the CV is 30th November


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