Computer Engineer / Bioinformatician at the Translational Bioinformatics Unit

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We are seeking a highly motivated Computer Engineer and/or Bioinformatician to join the Translational Bioinformatics Unit in Navarrabiomed. The selected candidate will participate in the implementation and customization of translational bioinformatics tools for the analysis of as Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Exome-Genome  Sequencing (EGS) data and their usage in personalized  medicine, pharmacogenetics applications and  patient  stratification  among  others. The final  aim  is to  contribute  to  the development  of  Precision Medicine by focusing on the use of NGS-EGS as a decision-making support tool to Genomics Medicine

Main functions

  • Implementation and  customization of  WGS/EGS data-analysis  pipelines for clinical diagnostic.
  • Implementation and  customization of WGS/EGS data-analysis  pipelines as a support tool in the treatment and monitoring of diseases
  • Support the Genomic Medicine Unit in the bioinformatic needs.
  • Support  the  Genomic  Medicine  Unit  in the  development  of  the  NAGEN Strategy.

Daily tasks

  • To work on the analysis of data produced in the NAGEN strategy.
  • Implement and  customize  when  necessary existing software  tools  for variant prioritization such as RD-Connect and IVA.
  • Collaborate   with   the   development those tools (e.g.   IVA,   OpenCB, CellBase) aligned and necessary with the NAGEN Strategy.
  • Collaborate  closely  with Genomics  Medicine  Unit on  implementing  the appropriate solutions that meet project timelines.
  • Participate  in  the  oral  presentation  of  all  project  findings  and  abstracts including    participation    in    periodic    project    status    meetings    and presentation of final project deliverables
  • Travel will  be  required occasionally  for  the  purpose  of  the NAGEN strategy (dissemination and/or educational purposes)

Working conditions of the position

  • Fulltime contract
  • Starting date: July 2019
  • Duration: Initially 2-3 years
  • Date of publication: 26/06/2019
  • Deadline: 29/07/2019

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Qualifications: MSc in relevant field: Computer Engineering, MSc Bioinformatics or similar.We will consider any MSc candidate that covers the required skills.


  • Programming experience with languages such as Java, Python, etc.
  • Knowledge of Unix operating system, terminal and bash.

Personal skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Team person.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.


  • Experience with Python.
  • Experience in Open Source tool development.
  • Experience using relational databases, SQLand / or structured data formats.
  • Database management and tools: e.g. SOLAR, Hadoop.
  • PhD Computer Science or similar
  • Back-end frameworks, like Spring, Django or Laravel
  • Familiar  with  design,  implementation  and  deployment  of  relational  databases  (MySQL, PostgreSQL  or  similar)  and/or  non-relational  databases (MongoDB,  ElasticSearch, Cassandra)
  • Design, implementation and documentation of data management APIs
  • Experience in Genomic Medicine; specially WGS or EGS studies.


Familiarity with programming techniques for analyzing data sets that do not fit in memory

General skills:

  • Ability to establish good personal relationships
  • Ability to communicate and explain concepts
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Initiative, autonomy and ability to plan and organize work and time
  • Enthusiasm, analytical skills, flexibility.
  • Interest in learning new techniques.

Other abilities:

  • Learning and continuous improvement
  • Valuing the work of others
  • Responsibility and ability to make commitments

Applicants  who  do  not  meet  the  essential  requirements will  be rejected. Applicants are requested to provide with proof of qualifications and experience gained. At least one reference from previous employer will be provided should an applicant be selected for an interview.


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