Post-doctoral position in Bioinformatics

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Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB)

Postdoctoral position in Bioinformatics is offered to carry out a competitive research project in the field of Systems Metabolic Engineering under Systems and Synthetic Biology framework.

Key words: Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Systems Metabolic Engineering, Constraints-Based Analysis, Synthetic Microbial Consortia, Complex Chemicals

Description of Work

The research project funded under H2020 is aimed to engineer synthetic microbial consortia as sustainable biofactories towards the production of complex chemicals. The tasks involve:

  1. Model-driven designing and analysis of synthetic microbial consortia
  2. Construction of a computational pipeline for systematic assembling of flavonoid biosynthetic pathways, and
  3. Characterization of bacterial consortia assisted by computational contextualization of OMICs data.


PhD in Computing Sciences, Bioinformatics or similar, technical skills in Metabolic Modeling will be valued. Excellent English (written and spoken) is required.

This is an up to 4-years contract commencing inmediatelly. Salary according to expertise.

Contact and more information

Juan Nogales Enrique

Related publications

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