Postdoctoral position in federated analysis infrastructures

Date limit
Universitat de Barcelona (UB)


We are offering an exciting computer engineer position at the Universitat de Barcelona, to implement federated analysis infrastructures for several initiatives including the forthcoming European repository of cancer image data (EUCAIM). Technical aspects of the position include artificial intelligence, software engineering, data management, and distributed and cloud computing. We are thus seeking candidates with a PhD (MSc may be acceptable with proven experience) in an area pertinent to the project, such as computer engineering, computer science or bioinformatics with strong technical interests. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with excellent teamwork and communication skills. The successful candidate is expected to be able to organise his/her work with minimal supervision and prioritise work to meet deadlines of the project. Due to multiple collaborations within the project with consortium partners across Europe, advanced oral and writing English knowledge are required. Female applicants are explicitly encouraged to apply.

Required skills/qualifications:

  • Software engineering and deployment
  • Distributed and Cloud computing
  • Federated AI learning - Excellent programming skills
  • Excellent English, both oral and written

Our group is involved in a series of new large-scale international projects funded by the European Commission to build secure infrastructures for the analysis of health data. We will participate in the building of an integrated infrastructure which will combine all kinds of health data (cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other) that will serve as a basis for future research projects in the field and provide a playground for the development of new AI solutions for health care. The federated infrastructure will assure data privacy and will be fully compliant with legal framework on data access.

The University of Barcelona (UB), founded in 1450, is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It comprises a student body of 84,370 and 4,548 research staff members. With 73 undergraduate programs, 273 graduate programs and 48 doctorate programs, UB is the largest university in Barcelona and Catalonia. The UB is ranked the first Spanish university according to several rankings (QS World University Rankings 2018, ARWU/Shanghai Ranking 2018). It is particularly interested in fostering international relations and, for many years, has managed an average of 150 European projects per year. Since January 2010, Universitat de Barcelona is part of the prestigious League of European Universities Research (LERU).

The selected candidate will join the Biomedical infrastructures (Biochemistry Dept.) and the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Informatics Dept) Labs at the University of Barcelona and will be in close collaboration with the Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute (INB/ELIXIR-ES) computational node at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC).

Gross salary per year: 36.000 €

Job Information

  • Organisation/Company: Universitat de Barcelona
  • Department: OPIR- International Research Projects office
  • Research Field: Biological sciences, Computer science, Engineering, Information science, Technology
  • Researcher Profile: Recognised Researcher (R2)
  • Country:Spain
  • Application Deadline:
  • Type of Contract: Temporary
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 37,5
  • Offer Starting Date:
  • Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme? - Horizon Europe
  • Reference Number: 101057388 / 1011100633
  • Is the Job related to staff position within a Research Infrastructure? - No


  • Research Field: Biological sciences, Computer science, Engeering, Information Science, Technology
  • Education Level: PhD or equivalent


  • Software engineering
  • Cloud and distributed computing
  • Federated learning
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Excellent English, both oral and written

Specific Requirements

  • Good team spirit and participation to the scientific life of the lab
  • Aptitude to work independently and to lead on project deliverables
  • Aptitude to collaborate with both technical and clinical collaborators
  • Passion for applications of artificial intelligence to biomedicine
  • Languages: ENGLISH (excellent)
  • Research Field: Biological sciences, Computer science, Engineering, Information science, Technology
  • Years of Research Experience: 4 - 10

Additional Information

Eligibility criteria

  • Suitability of the CV (40)
    • PhD in computer science, computer engineering, or bioinformatics related (25)
    • Specific formation in Bioinformatics (15)
  • Experience in data platforms and computational infrastructures environments (40)
    • 5+ years (40), 2-5 years (20)
  • Motivation letter and interview (20)

Selection process

  • First selection based on CV and letter.
  • Interviews by a panel of Josep Lluis Gelpi, Karim Lekadir and academics from the University of Barcelona
  • Selection of candidates with a minimum score of 50/100.

Additional comments

Duration of the contract of employment: please indicate the duration of the contract taking into account the UB regulations (from 3 months to 4 years)

The candidate proposed for hiring must accept the job offer within 5 working days from the date of notification of the selection.
Priority will be given to people with disabilities (Law 89/2015 of June 2, reserve of quota 2% in favour of people with disabilities in companies of 50 or more people).
In case of more information, you can get in contact with:
Be aware that the starting date sets in this offer is an estimate date. The official starting date will depend on the bureaucratic time that will take the preparation of the labour contract and presentation of the necessary documents to be hired by the selected candidate.

Work Location(s)

  • Number of offers available: 1
  • Company/Institute: Universitat de Barcelona (Diagonal, 643, 08028, Barcelona, Spain)

Where to apply