Senior Technical research at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

We are looking for a senior technical researcher in computer science/software engineering/data warehouse, preferable with knowledge in natural language processing and language technologies tools. In particular, for tasks related to project organization, planning, time-management, open tender calls and project development control.

He/she will interact directly with a team working in text mining and language processing covering both domain-application and project development related aspects. He/she will be directly involved in innovation application projects from initial project planning, design, development and evaluation phases.

Furthermore, he/she will be responsible of the workflow service, the integration of NLP components and the design and of data warehouse platforms.


  1. Actively participating and working alongside the project management in designing proposals, project planning, and monitoring.

  2. Analysis and design of the system architecture and user Interface
  1. Definition of standards and specifications of interoperability and compatibility and the corresponding validation mechanisms (ETLs)


  • Higher degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, telecommunications or equivalent engineering degree.

  • Experience in project management related tasks: scoping, task planning and tracking, time-management and deliverable writing.
  • Experience in/with system architecture, cloud computing, docker or singularity, docker swarms, web services, and VMs
  • Experience in international projects, preferably European FP projects and international collaboration.
  • Demonstrable use of public source code repositories (e.g. Github, BitBucket, Sourceforge)

  • Familiarity with continuous integration software (e.g. Jenkins)

  • Familiarity with some language processing platforms

  • Skills and knowledge related to data Warehouses, NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB, Elasticsearch), SQL (e.g. PostGreSQL, MySQL or similar)


  • Fluent in English.

Deadline: 20th April

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