Call for Submissions: Special Article Collection on Multiomics data

Call for Submissions

Special Article Collection on Multiomics data

Organizers: Ana Conesa, Sonia Tarazona


Scientific Data is inviting submissions that release and describe datasets from studies that employed multiple ‘omic’ profiling technologies, including, but not limited to, genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Submitted articles may be considered for inclusion in a special article collection to be published at the journal.

To be considered, submitted multiomics datasets should include measurements on different types of biomolecules. For example, manuscripts comparing expression microarrays and RNA-seq of the same samples may not be appropriate for this special collection, while manuscripts that include data from different metabolomics platforms that profile distinct sets of molecules would be welcome.

Submissions may describe data from previously unpublished studies, or may provide more detailed accounts of datasets from studies that were already published. Authors submitting the latter should download the complementary Data Descriptor checklist.

Submitting authors will be asked to deposit each of their omic datasets to an open data repository that is approved by the journal and which is appropriate for the data-type (Browse the recommended data repositories). Researchers will also be encouraged to provide additional integrated data products whenever it may help others reuse their data. Authors are encouraged to write to us before submission for data hosting advice. Any data processing or integration steps should be transparently described. Authors will be encouraged to share supporting source code whenever possible.

If the datasets described were derived from humans and require special protections to ensure ethical use or protect privacy, authors should send a presubmission enquiry to determine whether the dataset would be suitable for consideration at the journal. For more information, please see the recent editorial, and the checklist for sensitive human data. See

To be considered for publication among the first papers in this collection, manuscripts should be submitted to the editorial office by March 4th 2019; submissions after this date are welcome, and may still be considered for inclusion in this special collection on a case-by-case basis.

Interested in publishing in this special collection? If you have any questions or would like to make a pre-submission enquiry, please contact the Chief Editor, Andrew Hufton, with appropriate details:

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