The National Spanish Bioinformatics Institute serves the wider research community by pursuing the following goals:

  • To provide world-class core bioinformatics resources to the national and international life science research community in key fields such as functional genomics, transcriptomics with RNA-Seq, genotyping, genomic medicine, and molecular dynamics simulations.
  • To provide a platform of integrated core bioinformatics services to the research community. The INB groups have developed over the years an extensive platform of web services that integrates a wide range of bioinformatics methods. This platform is evolving to take advantage of cloud computing to scale up to large data processing workflows that are required for example in the analysis of data produced with next generation sequencing platforms.
  • To facilitate coordinated participation of bioinformatics groups in large-scale national and international projects that require and benefit from closely collaborating teams that know each other and are used to working together.